Privacy Policy of Gafferrecords

  • As a result of using the Services, an individual’s non-personally identifiable and anonymous data may be collected (“Non-personal Information”).
  • Your device’s transmissions may be included in the collection of Anonymous Information. Your IP address and other online identifiers are included in this, as well as some software and hardware information.
  • Information regarding Your use of the Services and contact with the Website may also be obtained.

The Cookie Policy uses cookies to differentiate You from other visitors to Our Website. Cookies used by our Website and the reasons for their usage are described in full below:

“Session Cookies”

Files temporarily saved in memory while you browse and then removed when you exit the browser are known as temporary internet files (temp files). The Website’s performance may suffer if these are turned off.

Persistent Cookies

According to the regulations set up by the firm, these cookies are generally retained for a more extended time (typically one year). There are wide varieties of these cookies:
  1. Analytical/Performance Cookies – Visitors’ anonymous data is collected in these files. They allow us to better serve you by letting us know which portions of our Website are most often visited, in what sequence, and for how long.
  2. Configurability Cookies – We can remember and recall your choices for future visits and use them to track your preferences.
  3. Focusing Cookies – We keep track of the pages and links you visit on our Website so that we may make it more relevant to your preferences and interests.

Third-Party Links

We are not responsible for the policies of any third-party websites we link to. If you decide to click on one of our links and visit one of these third-party websites, you do so at your own risk and willfully accept all associated risks. This policy does not apply if You opt to provide any of your personal information to a third-party site that we or our services direct you to.

Using Your Information

Additionally, We may use the User’s personal information for the following purposes:
  • Protecting our Website’s safety and security;
  • Analyzing the stuff you’ve accessed to determine its usefulness to you;
  • Conducting research or analytics to improve and alter our services;
As a further consideration, we may use your data to comply with applicable laws and regulations or to comply with a court order or equivalent legal process.

Maintaining the Usefulness of Your Data

By using our site, You acknowledge that You have read and agreed to the terms of our Privacy Policy, which governs the storage and processing of Your personal information. You may be sure that any personal information we receive from you will be handled and kept by our Privacy Policy.

Confidentiality and Transferability of Your Personal Data

The Services and Your Personal Information must be adequately protected by the company. Security measures are given a high priority at the company, and the company uses industry-standard rules and processes to prevent any Non-Personal Information from being used without the proper authorization.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access to or exploitation of Our Services will be prevented despite Our best efforts. Internet data transfer isn’t completely safe, unfortunately.

**A cookie is a little piece of information stored on Your computer when you visit a website.


If You are under 18, you are not permitted to participate in the Services. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to utilize these services.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

Please review this Privacy Policy often, as it may be updated at any moment, at Our sole discretion. The most recent version of Our Privacy Statement may always be on Our Website.

You will be notified through the Services of any significant changes where necessary. By using the Services after we’ve notified you about a change to Our Privacy Policy on Our Website, you’re acknowledging and agreeing to the new terms.
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